About Us

Lusaka's Finest Housing Estate


Welcome to Bonanza, a place of quiet streets, a place where the trees and the landscape define your view. At this exclusive Lusaka development of small holdings, families connect amidst the wonder of the natural beauty and the sounds of songbirds in the trees, all within reach of the city. 

Inspired by the immense natural resources in Zambia, Bonanza is the essence of the relaxed lifestyle. Rich in birdlife and spectacular beauty, Bonanza will be graced by spectacular homes, a community leisure space as well as a small retail park for resident’s convenience. 


Bonanza Residential Community offers a perfect balance between a country lifestyle and modern city living. Located in the developing Nqwerere part of Lusaka, Bonanza is surrounded by farm land, streams, lakes and wildlife. 

Although Bonanza has a country living appeal, residents are never out of touch with civilisation. Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is 5 minutes away and downtown Lusaka is a further 15 minutes. 


Security at Bonanza is taken very seriously, allowing residents to live the lifestyle they wish. Surrounding the entire estate is a solid block perimeter wall 2.4 metres tall, protecting everything within. Access is controlled at the main gate house, the only way in and out of the estate, which is manned 24 hours a day. 

Once fully developed, the estate will implement high tech security measures to increase protection. An electric fence will be installed, and residents will be given access cards that will be scanned through at the main gate. 


Bonanza consists of 229 plots, each 5 acres, split over three tier groups. Tier 1 plots are premier plots around the golf course and main roads, tier 2 are the standard plots and tier 3 plots are the value plots on the boundary fence. 

Each plot is serviced with electricity, potable water and tarred roads. The entire estate has been secured by a wall fence. 

Dedicated Home Owners Association

A unique feature about Bonanza is the flexibility in the Home Owners Association Agreement