Home Inspirations: Dive Into These Swimming Pool Ideas

Wow, it’s getting HOT in Lusaka, let’s cool off with some magnificent pool ideas that will get your mind swimming with possibilities! Forget swimming pools that only kids can enjoy, this week we’re looking at some seriously grown-up pools that will make you feel like you’re on holiday in your own garden. In order to enjoy your pool all year, consider putting other social elements in your pool area such as fire pits and bar counters, that way you’ll be enjoying the space even in winter.

Our other favorite ideas for Bonanza swimming pools is to incorporate the natural plants and colors into your pool setting. With 5 acres of lush grasses and wildflowers on your property, keeping the ambiance around your pool natural will elevate your private hideaway to the next level. As long as your keep tidy plants around your pool, you shouldn’t have any extra maintenance and upkeep in having plants so close to the pool border.

We can’t wait to hear from you about your posh pool planning, anything to cool off this October!

Happy Planning!

~Bonanza Design Team~

bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeTraditional Pool With a Twist

This is a simple look to achieve simply by doing a little planning before you dig your pool. A deep kidney shape in the pool can be used to nestle a cozy fire-pit and built-in seats. It’s a perfect way to get warm in the winter without exposing yourself to Lusaka’s constant breeze, and make your pool area usable in any season! The built-in pool lights keep the area tropical and exciting.


bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeModern Infinity Pool

Infinity pools may be nice when they’re overlooking a river or sea, but we think they’re equally pleasing when they show-off the natural wilderness of Bonanza! We love the combination of the ultra-modern lines with the natural tree-scape in the background. This look is also fairly simple to achieve, and enhanced if you keep your pool furniture in the same modern theme. Also, this is still a great pool for children!


bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeUltra Romantic Hideaway

Bring the feel of an ultra-lux hotel to your Bonanza home! This pool is so dreamy and romantic we wish we could dive in right now. The slightly Asian shade cover keeps the pool area feeling tropical, and the shutters give this pool optional privacy. Achieve this look by using natural stones and keeping the pool color a deeper shade of blue. The wood structure is fairly straightforward but definitely creates great atmosphere, even if you don’t include the privacy shutters.

bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeNatural Grasses

What we love about this pool is that it isn’t so…obvious. Let’s face it, most of us don’t use our pools often enough, so why not have a pool that blends in a little better? This pool does just that by being nestled within the golden grasses, a hallmark of Bonanza, as well featuring a sloped beach-style entry. It’s definitely more for adults than children, but if you’re looking to keep your garden natural and rustic, this might be the perfect way to achieve your goal and still have a functioning swimming pool.


bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeGo “Au Naturel”

As usual, our last idea is a bit of a stretch, but it’s so wonderful we couldn’t resist. Imagine a swimming pool that looks and feel exactly like a natural pond. Except cleaner, and with a solid ground! If you’re looking to achieve this look, it’s going to take some planning with your pool company, but we just love the idea of incorporating natural boulders and pebbles to create a shape that is completely natural. Also, we like how this pool has a shallow and deep end, even though it doesn’t look so conspicuous!