We’ve heard from many potential Bonanza community members that they love the idea of raising their children at Bonanza, and why not? You’ll have plenty of private space, your children will be able to play outside in the fresh air with lots of birds, insects, and trees to keep them interested, and you have an opportunity to create a space for them to thrive in. This week we’re looking at four glorious children’s rooms as inspiration for designing an appropriate and integrated space for the little ones. Remember, to a child, their room is SO much more than a bedroom, it’s also their playroom, work room, creative space, and most importantly, it’s just for them! When designing around these thoughts, remember that children grow and change quickly, and you want a space that will adapt to their growing needs and ever-changing style ideas. The rooms we selected this week do an excellent job of giving children enough space, while being easily changeable.

Happy Planning!

~Bonanza Design Team~

bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeWindow Seats

Seating in a child’s room is always going to be important. When they’re young, it will be mainly for you and your spouse, but as they grow, the seats will be filled with their friends. We love the idea of planning for a comfortable window seat as a feature to the room. First of all, it will have some of the best views from the house, overlooking your plot, but it will also serve a practical purpose. It will be a perfect spot to read stories together for years to come. As a bonus, you could make the bench seat with storage underneath for when the room needs to be tidied up and everything put away.

bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeCocoons

Maybe it was just us, but when we were kids, we loved having cozy spots to curl up and sleep in. There is something satisfying about a small space that makes it feel totally your own for a little while. We love this modern approach to giving kids that sense of enclosed space. The wood framing is gorgeous and will still be satisfying to children. As an added detail, we love the individual screens inside the cocoon, it would be one lucky kid to get their own TV like that!

bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your home


A New Way to Bunk

Bunk beds, you love them or your hate them. At some point, I think every child dreams of having bunk beds, they are the universal symbol of sleepover adventure. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to find, and most of them aren’t particularly pleasing. In this photo, the family has selected to build bunks directly into their home plans, we love the result! It almost feels like two separate bedrooms, and it’s also very grown-up. A bunk system like this can be used for years, and won’t be an eyesore even if you aren’t using it every day.



bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeFoster Creative Minds

Is it too late to make this next room my personal bedroom? This room is made for creativity, play, and imagination, three traits that every child wants and needs. Although the tent is complicated, the style behind the room is not. Painting a wall as a blackboard is easy (we recommend using regular Plascon black matte paint, it’s even better than the chalkboard paint). Your child will have years of joy being able to custom design their walls, and when they grow out of it, it’s a simple paint job for the room to ‘grow up’ a bit. Instead of the tent, a cozy reading nook full of pillows will do the trick!