This week we’re looking at some sophisticated and stylish outdoor dining spaces that are a far cry from putting an old table and a candle on your veranda. These dining spaces will make you want to eat al fresco year round thanks to the gorgeous Lusaka weather and natural Bonanza beauty. While you are thinking about what shape your new house will take, get some inspiration to make your outdoor dining area a fully integrated part of your house, and not just an afterthought! With some forethought into what flooring your outdoor dining area should have, as well as how much lighting to provide, you’ll be well on your way to creating some serious home-envy in your friends (in a good way, of course!)

Happy Planning!

~Bonanza Design Team~

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Classical Mediterranean

We think this dining space is a natural look for the Bonanza plots, and perhaps isn’t as complicated as it looks! Focus on a strong floor finish, the red terracotta tiles are perfect in Southern Africa, and then accent the area with raised flower beds. If you’re feeling creative, consider incorporated a water feature just like the photo, the gentle sound of water is universally magical. Again, this look can’t be an afterthought, but isn’t too much to add into your overall home design.



bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeModern and Sleek

It always seems strange at first, but we think that the sleek modern look totally works for Bonanza plots. The clean and minimalist lines really showcase the natural beauty around the plots without detracting from what is naturally occurring. With this look, you’ll be the braai-master of the neighborhood for sure! he built-in outdoor kitchen means that when you have guests over, you’ll get to enjoy the event without being stuck cooking inside. Keep it extra social by adding a couple of bar seats close to the grill, that way your guests will gravitate over to your work area without getting in the way.

bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your home


The Classic Poolhouse

This look is completely traditional but shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a private and sophisticated standalone pool dining area is a perfect way to spend time in your garden throughout the year. At night its private and tropical, and in the daytime it doubles up as a perfect space for kid’s towels, juice, games, and a calm area for parents to supervise.




bonanza estate, bonanza residential estate, lusaka, zambia, building your homeComplete the Outdoor Indoor Room

OK, for our far-out look of the week, think about making your outdoor dining room appear entirely indoors. This is achieved through careful selection of the furniture and decor (don’t forget, it does still have to be outdoor furniture!), and making the roofed area extra deep. This will keep out the majority of the weather without damaging your things. A few finishing touches that make this space more like a room than the veranda is the polished ceiling, complete with hanging lights, and the rustic brick floor that is so richly fulfilling it could be inside your house. We love this extreme look for Lusaka because there are so few days in a year where the weather could intrude into your space, and with careful furniture planning, it can be withstood elegantly!