Future Planned Development

The central area of Bonanza is reserved for leisure activities to be developed in the future, including a signature 9-hole golf course, a small and well appointed resort with dining facilities, and retail spaces designed to make living at Bonanza a breeze! Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new development, which promises exclusive and unparalleled services…

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Plot Types

At Bonanza, we’ll make sure you find the plot you’ve dreamed of. Whether you want the shady refuge of ancient trees,  views out to Lusaka, or central access to the community leisure area, there’s a piece of land for you to own. Bonanza plots are available to suit your lifestyle and budget, starting at $150,000. Tier…

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One thought on “Plots

  1. Buchizya

    have people started building already? and are there any guidelines and standards to follow before commencement of building?

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