At Bonanza, we’ll make sure you find the plot you’ve dreamed of. Whether you want the shady refuge of ancient trees,  views out to Lusaka, or central access to the community leisure area, there’s a piece of land for you to own. Bonanza plots are available to suit your lifestyle and budget, starting at $150,000.

Tier 3 plots offer Lusaka’s most affordable premier real estate, with all of the community benefits of living at Bonanza. Enjoy the pristine indigenous trees, enormous bird life, and sprawling views from your own 5-acre plot. Prices start at $150,000.

Tier 2 plots are closer to the heart of Bonanza and the major roadways. You’ll love your neighbourhood community feel, quiet and safe plots, and premier access from the main gatehouse. Plots start at $200,000.

Tier 1 plots are exclusively situated around the communities leisure area, in the centre of the estate. These plots offer exclusive views of the communal space and have access from the major internal roads through the heart of the property. Prices start at $300,000.